shinji mikami the evil within 2 shinji mikami the evil within 2

Shinji Mikami has Plenty of New Ideas

"His ideas don't revolve around the horror genre"

Without a doubt, one of the most important creators in the gaming industry is Shinji Mikami. The "father" of horror games, the one who revived the genre on PlayStation 1 with Resident Evil. In 2004 his directing skills helped to revive the famous Capcom Franchise and turned Resident Evil 4 into a legend and a worldwide success. 

Leon from Resident Evil 4
Leon from Resident Evil 4

Shinji Mikami's Vision

Shinji Mikami created Tango Gameworks in 2010 and the last time he worked as a director was in 2014, on The Evil Within. The studio's next game is Ghostwire: Tokyo, but Mikami is the producer and not the main person in the project. Now, speaking to Variety, Mikami has talked about some of his ideas, which are not necessarily horror. In fact, he has in mind completely different genres from the ones he has created so far, after talking about puzzles and RPG games that he could "explore".

Shinji Mikami during interview
Shinji Mikami during interview

Now that he is 55 years old, he states that from now on he must be more selective with what he wants to do.

I'm getting older and so it would be more a matter of how much energy I have.

He then gave a "hint" that he has a game in mind, but if he took it and could control it as he wished, it might be his last.

My thought is that if I had the opportunity to create a game from start to finish, and my vision was fulfilled, then this would be my last big game as a director.

How do you like Mikami's statements? Would you like to see an RPG or a puzzle game from him?

I know I would!

Written 32 Weeks Ago