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Once upon a time, three fellow gamers decided to join hands in order to fulfill their dream. What was their common vision, though? Well, to create a platform that contains all forms of information about consoles and video games, being a source of inspiration for the ones who refuse to settle for anything less than an amazing and complete gaming experience -and that’s how Gamemedium.com was born in 2019.

So, cutting to the chase and getting rid of all the clichés and overused lines, we welcome you to our gaming-centered world. Here, our elite team that keeps on growing and spreading, will impart you its knowledge and provide you with countless useful information that revolves around old arcade machines, beloved retro consoles and gaming news. 

In details, if you’re into one of the followings, then you’re into Gamemedium.com!

  1. Gaming & Consoles History

  2. Gaming News

  3. Home, Handheld and Hybrid Console Features

  4. Gaming and Console Accessories

  5. Gaming Recommendations

  6. Gaming Art ….

    ...and many more. You name it, we got it!

But wait, there's more!

You have the opportunity to become the voice of the gaming community, by creating and sharing your own content. Do you want to transmit your knowledge, tell an exciting story, or state an awesome fact? Send an email at [email protected] and let this journey begin!

So, with each day passing, we level up and try to update our HUGE database with new content. After all, gaming never stops evolving and, even if you’re a retro collector or a Gen Z proud geek, there’s always something new to discover. Thus, yes, you’ve found your happy place here and you're more than welcome to join our team. So, brace yourselves because we’re heading to somewhere digitally awesome!.