Ghostwire Tokyo
Ghostwire Tokyo

Shinji Mikami's New Announcement for 'GhostWire: Tokyo' (video)

Dog people, unite!

A mystery has befogged Tokyo... The daily life of the people goes seems like a horrible nightmare, as the inhabitants of the city disappear for no reason. In this gloomy environment, the player is called to confront with supernatural creatures and solve the mystery that surrounds the city.

The atmosphere may have scared you, the headless ghosts may have haunted your dreams, but now, Shinji Mikami has shared some - as he says - important information about the upcoming title of his studio, GhostWire: Tokyo. Yes, you can pet the dog. You will even have the opportunity to scratch his muzzle, ears and tell him what a good boy he is. 

So we may not know the PS5 game’s release date, but we just found out that Shinji Mikami is a cute dog person!

Written 206 Weeks Ago

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