ghost of tsushima weather change based on fight style
ghost of tsushima weather change based on fight style

The weather of "Ghost of Tsushima" will change depending on the way you play

Ghost of Tsushima has a dynamic real-time weather system. So as Jin chooses the path of Ghost, more storms will come to the island.

The game's creative director, Nate Fox, explained:

"The game is written so that more storms come as Jin does things that fit the Ghost."

Jin begins his journey to become a respected samurai, but to save his homeland he will have to choose a darker path.

The Mongols can be tackled with samurai skills, but as the game progresses and you unlock Ghost Skills things can change depending on your choice. Ethics play a huge role in the life of samurai and could not be missing from this game.

So the weather, at the beginning of Jin's journey, is quite calm. But if the player chooses to follow the path of the Ghost, storms begin to become more frequent.

Note, however, that the weather can change at any time, thanks to your flute, but we must admit that this is a very smart way to replace the traditional morality meter.

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Written 187 Weeks Ago
by Manix