god of war camera hack
god of war camera hack

Hacker takes control of camera in God of War and reveals what we can't see (VIDEO)

We've seen hackers several times take control of a game's camera to show us exactly what happens when cutscenes take place. Usually everything stops when developers point to a specific plan.

In the case of God of War, as @manfightdragon reveals on Twitter, this is not the case, since everything is still running smoothly, as shown in the video posted below.

The goal of the user is to show how well everything is moving even when the player does not see what is happening, which is admittedly rare and shows the detailed work done in God of War.

Indeed, the game's creator, Cory Barlog, also commented on the hacker's work. Below you can see his related tweet, as well as another easter egg discovered by manfightdragon.