Sony PlayStation Portable 3000

Nickname: PSP Slim, PSP Brite
Successor: PSP Go
Release Date: 13/10/2008
Discontinued Date: -
Additional Sizes: -
Display Palette: 16.7 million colors
Supported Game Media:

PlayStation Portable 3000 or PSP 3000 or PSP Slim or PSP Brite is a handheld console and a redesign of the original PSP released by Sony in 2008. This version of PSP is also slim like the 2000 model. The differences with the original PSP are the following:

  • Has an improved LCD screen - with an increased color range, five times the contrast ratio, a halved pixel response time, new sub-pixel structure and anti-reflective technology to reduce outdoor glare.

  • The disc tray, logos, and buttons were all redesigned.

  • A microphone was added.

  • Games could be outputted in either component or composite video using the video-out cable.

On its release, a problem with interlacing when objects were in motion on the PSP-3000 screen was noticed. Sony announced this problem would not be fixed.