Rick and Morty in PlayStation 5 ad
Rick and Morty in PlayStation 5 ad

PS5 has Reached the Rick & Morty Universe

"And it's hilarious to see how!"

Fellow reader of this article, except for our mutual love for everything revolving around gaming, allow me to assume that we have one more thing in common: being a Rick & Morty fan. Are you confused by this introduction though? 

Well, keep reading!

The most incredible PlayStation 5 commercial probably belongs to the adored Rick and Morty duo. More specifically, Adult Swim posted in its official YouTube channel a thirty-second promotional clip, which is full of humor, and reminds us why we love this series. Oh, and PS5 as well!

Rick and Morty PS5 Advertisement
Rick and Morty PS5 Advertisement

Yes, the next-generation console has reached the animated world of the famous TV show. So with his classic embarrassment, Morty is called to present PS5, via detailed marketing that Sony requested. At the same time, Rick can be seen (and heard) in the background, counting the money they got from the ad.

Thus, according to Morty, the PS5 is "very fast" and the controller has haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. And, I should mention that no matter his awkwardness, he did a great job!

You can watch the ad through the player below.

Written 183 Weeks Ago

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