sony ps5 playstation5 reveal
sony ps5 playstation5 reveal

PlayStation 5 is almost HERE (Trailer, Line-Up & DualSense)

While summer is coming to an end, we are entering the final path for the new gen consoles release. So, it seems that Sony marketing machines are starting to warm up. In particular, the first PlayStation 5 TV commercial, which made its debut on the official PlayStation channel for Hungary, saw the spotlight.

The Trailer

The title of the ad welcomes us to a new world and within the thirty seconds it lasts, it focuses on the new 3D audio system of the console, as well as the haptic feedback that the controller incorporates.

The Line-up

In a recent interview with PlayStation's marketing director Eric Lempel on GameIndustry, he talked about various PlayStation 5 issues, such as advertising, the features of the new DualSense controller and the content of the console.

This year has brought a huge challenge on all fronts of the industry. Not just the department I run, but all departments of each organization. Fortunately we managed to get it done. The launch of the console will take place this year, without a trace of doubt. For our part we have ensured to bring back the same magic and emotion that we brought to each launch in the past. We are committed to how we do it.

If it were not for the pandemic, many people would have already tried it and would know exactly what it feels like not only to play with DualSense on the PlayStation 5, but also the other features that the new generation brings to the table. It is definitely a bigger challenge than ever. But we recognize that PlayStation gamers expect a lot from us and we want both them and us to take the opportunity to celebrate together this new beginning of a truly exciting generation.

Speaking about the recent commercial, he said:

For us, the clear transition to the new generation is important. This was the central idea that inspired us for the new commercial. It was an opportunity to expand the expectations of gamers, presenting something really new. So, for this particular spot , wanting to show what it's like to be at the center of it all, we focused on three different areas: haptic feedback, adaptive dynamic triggers, and 3D sound: Certainly when we talked to the developers and heard what they had to say about our product, they undoubtedly recognized quite good elements on which they can work.

However, the ones they seemed most excited about were these three. Understandably, they consider it to be the next step in entertainment in relation to where we have been so far. This, however, is only the beginning. There will be other parts of the campaign, much broader, that aim to excite interactive entertainment and what the PlayStation 5 has to offer. For now, we believe this is a good first way to highlight the difference between the new and the previous generations.

Speaking about the features of DualSense he said:

The Demon's Souls team told me that the new capabilities of the controller, pushed them to discover ways to take moments in the game that were previously simplistic, to shape them and turn them into a sensory experience, which in the previous generation It was not possible at all. Now, for example, they have been given the opportunity to reproduce the feeling of opening a gate, knocking on a metal or making you feel the feeling of holding the flame in your hand. new things that used to be of secondary importance but now have the potential to maximize immersion.

Regarding the upcoming content he said:

The content that is placed in the release window and beyond is fascinating. I can say that this is the best line-up you have ever seen in the history of the PlayStation, both on the part of the Worldwide Studios team and the rest of the publishers and "Some of them have already been revealed. Be assured that the way developers interact with this platform to create new experiences with known as well as unknown IPs is incredibly exciting.

The Dual Sense Controller

Recently on the PlayStation blog various developers talked about the new features of the PS5 DualSense controller, such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, explaining that they intend to use them in their games.

More specifically, the director of Deathloop, Dinga Bakaba, stated that when in the game our weapon gets stuck, then the triggers of the PS5 controller will also block, forcing the player to pull them from his controller in order to unblock them.

I'm really excited about DualSense adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Both features have given us the opportunity to give a sense of naturalness to the control of the game which is important in the sense we want to realize.

What we want is to make our weapons feel different to each one. What I particularly like is that when the weapon in the game is blocked, then the controls trigger also block, thus giving the player immediate feedback before the animation takes place. A fact that will push him in order to unblock his weapon, to do it in a natural way.

In turn, the creative director of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Brian Horton, revealed how Insomniac used the capabilities of DualSense to represent, among other things, the "spider-sense" ability of the character.

The accuracy of the haptic feedback paved the way for us to make some of the ideas that emerged from this feature a reality. In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, for example, we can use haptic feedback to indicate to players where the attacks are coming from, as they will feel them from the corresponding side of the controller. Due to the high resolution offered by the DualSense haptics system, we can push the dimension of the feedback that the player will receive.

For example, when you press the square to perform the Venom Punch, you will feel the peak of Spider-Man bioelectric energy progressively passing from the left side of the control panel to the right side of the impact.

As it turns out, Sony is getting ready to launch its big promotional campaign. This probably means that the final questions, such as price and release date, will be revealed soon.


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