myst game is coming as a tv series
myst game is coming as a tv series

Myst game becomes a TV series (VIDEO)

The upcoming series based on the 1993 adventure game, "Myst", has hired "X-Men: First Class" screenwriter Ashley Edward Miller.

Deadline reports that Miller, who also worked on "Thor" in 2011 and "Agent Cody Banks" in 2003, has been hired for the project, which is being produced by Village Roadshow.

According to the report, Village Roadshow will "rely on and expand the game's existing mythology to create a universe on multiple platforms that will include movies and, dramatic and non-dramatic, television content."

The "Myst" series has been in development for many years, with the transfer initially revealed in 2014 by Legendary Entertainment. In 2015, it was announced that the series would be transferred to the Hulu streaming service with an accompanying video game, but it never happened.

Copyright have been changed since then and Village Roadshow acquired them in 2019, with co-creator Myst Rand Miller and his brother Ryan Miller advising on the series.

If you've never heard of "Myst", it's a classic adventure gaming franchise from the '90s. The player handles a character, from the point of view of this character, as he solves puzzles left by an ominous force known as The Stranger, while during the game he travels to several mysterious worlds. It was the best-selling game from 1993 to 2002, when The Sims took its place.

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