stories untold ps4 release
stories untold ps4 release

Leaked new PS4 horror game

Seems like "Stories Untold" is set to make its appearance on the PS4, after the PC and Nintendo Switch.

The revelation came from PEGI's site, which even gave its own rating of the game (16) and says it will come to PS4.

The description even states: "'Stories Untold' is a narrative-driven adventure game that explores new aspects of the genre."

"Stories Untold" was originally released on PC in 2017, and in January 2020 it was released on the Nintendo Switch. It received mostly positive reviews, with Metacritic scoring it at 81.

In other news, both Sony and Microsoft have decided to give more details today about the backwards compatibility of their new consoles.

The next-generation console war seems to be taking its toll, hopefully, there wont be a winner, and we'll keep enjoying both of the brands the same.