Nintendo Switch

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Release Date: 2/3/2017
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Initial Price: US$299.99 | ¥29,980 | £279.99 | €329.99
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Nintendo Switch is the first ever, fully fledged hybrid video game console, developed by Nintendo. Its development code name is NX, it was unveiled in October 2016 and released worldwide on March 3, 2017. Nintendo considers the Switch as a "hybrid" console. It is designed as both a home console where the main unit can be placed in a connection station (Dock) for connection to a screen. Here comes the hybrid part, Switch can be removed from the dock station and be used as a handheld video game console via the LCD touch screen or placed in standalone tabletop mode in order to be visible to multiple players or viewers. Switch uses new generation and extraordinary wireless controllers named Joy-Cons, that include standard buttons and a high definition motion sensor. Joy-Cons can be connected on the console, one of each side, to support portable gaming style. They can also be connected to a Grip accessory in order to provide a traditional controller experience or can be used separately in the hands, same way Wii Remote did. That way, using just the standard equipment, it can support multiplayer.

The idea of ​​Switch started as a reaction to Nintendo's financial losses for 2014, due to poor sales of its previous consoles, 3DS and Wii U alongside the competition in the mobile gaming market. At first, in contradiction to his beliefs and after loads of pressure, The 4th president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, pushed the company towards mobile games. Then focused on the design of the Switch as the head developer and aimed at a wider demographics of Video Game players through multiple uses, while maintaining the uniqueness and innovation of Nintendo. Nintendo chose to use standard electronic components, such as a chipset based on Nvidia's Tegra line, to make it easier for developers to design the console and make it more compatible with existing gaming development platforms. Considering that Wii U had a poor software library, Nintendo precautionary sought the support of many third-party manufacturers, video game studios and publishers to help create the Switch gaming library, along with Nintendo's First-Party titles. Prior to its release, Nintendo had announced that more than 100 titles had been developed by at least 70 developers.


The idea, design and development of Nintendo switch, involves a lot of ingredients such as creativity, failure, tenacity, honour and insight. It followed company's downfall, compromise and a bit of love for gaming and especially Nintendo's gaming history.

Nintendo's Fall

2014 was one if Nintendo's worst years due to huge financial losses and the worst in its modern history, caused by weak Dealers' sales of mobile gaming. Earlier, the company was hesitant to do so, with then-President Satoru Iwata saying it would "stop being Nintendo" and lose its identity if they tried to enter it. About three years before Switch's announcement, Iwata, Tatsumi Kimisima, Genio Takeda and Sigeru Miyamoto created a strategy to revitalise Nintendo's business model, which included innovating materials and creating a "mobile phone approach" expanding their "intellectual property".

Satoru Iwata - the fourth president

Prior to his death, Iwata managed to secure a business deal with Japanese mobile phone company DeNA to develop mobile titles based on Nintendo's first-party franchises, believing that this approach would not jeopardise their integrity. After Ivata's death in July 2015, Kimisima became president of Nintendo, while Miyamoto received the title of "Creative Fellow".

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Iwata was well known for his sense of humour into Nintendo Direct videos. During a pre-recorded video shown at E3 2012,  he stared at bananas in silence for several seconds before turning to the camera.

Multiplayer with Nintendo Switch

Switch software supports online gaming via a standard Internet connection, as well as a local wireless ad hoc connection to other Switch consoles.

Region Lock

Alternative games and software are available in both natural flash ROM and digital distribution cassettes and do not use region lock protection


More than 2.74 million units were sold in the first month of launch, surpassing Nintendo's original target of 2 million units and making it the fastest-selling console in market history. High sales of the Switch have been linked to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey, all of which have become console's best selling title..