epic games journey playstation 4
epic games journey playstation 4

Epic Games' Journey is coming to Steam (VIDEO)

Journey, one of the most relaxing games, was an exclusive to PlayStation. It was released in the Epic Store last year where it even existed as a timed exclusive. So the time is running out and from June 11 the game will be available on Steam.

In Journey, you will embark on an exploration adventure in a large and deserted place. A scarf will help you fly for short periods of time, making your journey a little easier, but you need to be prepared for various creatures that will be on your way either to help you or to make your life more difficult.

Epic, however, has said that exclusives are the only way to drop Steam's Status Quo, which it says exploits developers by giving them smaller percentages than they should.

Apart from that, exclusives are the most important source of income for the Epic store since they have offered 90% of the profits. All of the above shows that the company will continue dynamically with this policy.

The game is available for: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, iOS