sony computers journey indie relaxing game desert
sony computers journey indie relaxing game desert

Relaxing Video Games Worth Trying

Due to the quarantine, ‘staying-at-home’ isn’t optional any more, so it’s urgent for everyone to find new ways to have fun and relax. Video games are perfect to solve this problem, since they help by keeping the mind constantly busy and focused, distracting it from the COUNTLESS everyday problems -2020, please show some mercy!

So, for this reason, the following article will list some titles that’ll help you stay calm and carefree.


The astonishing Journey, developed by Thatgamecompany, was released in 2012. It’s an indie/adventure game that turned into a huge success. However, there’s a good reason behind this, since its unique and relaxing story is narrated exclusively through melodies and dazzling cut-scenes. The scenario revolves around a strange, robed figure, who travels through deserts and ruins of ancient civilizations, trying to reach into its final destination. Mesmerizing landscapes, convenient controls, online multiplayer mode and relaxing flow, turn Journey into a legend of its kind. You will feel enchanted, while the music will captivate you entirely. After all, everything in this game is utterly beautiful. Give it a chance, it will set your soul free!

Available on: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, iOS, Microsoft Windows


Unravel Two

My opinion on Unravel Two could be summarized in just one sentence: So cute that it hurts! Though it can’t be so small, so allow me to elaborate more. Unravel Two, developed by the Swedish studio Coldwood Interactive, got released in 2018 and is a linear adventure/ puzzle video game. Its story revolves around two adorable little creatures made of yarn, which explore the world around them and help, in their own special way, to change the course of history. The setting is beautiful, the graphics are satisfying, while the teeny-tiny size of the protagonists, which makes the surrounding objects appear much bigger, adds an extra dose of magic. Unravel Two has a low difficulty level -except for some mini levels that’ll test your patience. Plus, it can be played in co-op mode, so you can have fun and cooperate with a friend of yours. So, give this dreamy game a chance! 

Available on:  Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


Ōkami, released in 2006 and developed by Clover Studio, is -without a doubt, one of the most exceptional and unique video games of all time. Its story takes place in Japan and contains numerous elements of mythology and tradition. The player controls Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, who’s currently in the form of a white wolf. Her main goal is to destroy a demon and restore balance, but there are also many side quests available. You will get a high dose of action and exploration, which may not sound very relaxing, but the dreamy settings manage to bring peace of mind. The whole game looks like a traditional Japanese painting, full of ink, watercolors and intense outlines. Ethereal movement, flawless art and fascinating colors, in combination with mature themes and demanding puzzles, compose a game that will charm you and make your imagination go wild. Its scenario might be intense, but the visuals are relaxing. I highly recommend it!

Available on: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox One, Wii, Microsoft Windows


Flower, developed by Thatgamecompany, was released in 2009 and has a lot of things in common with Journey. Although, Flower is not a game -it’s a poem. Its story involves a lonely bloom, which dreams of leaving behind the city chaos, and live in a field. Destruction, death, rebirth and beauty: Do I need to say more? Isn’t your heart already melted? No? Ok, I will be more detailed. The player controls a trail of floating flower petals *aw!*, while trying to fulfill the purpose mentioned above. The controls are very convenient, while every form of dialog is absent. On the contrary, music has a strong presence and intensifies all of the emotions. Undoubtedly, Flower is a game with personality, which created to offer feelings of peace, euphoria and fullness -and it achieves its goal! It is a digital work of art and its sheer simplicity will make you fall in love immediately.

Available on: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, iOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Vita


If you’re a sea-lover, Abzû is your game. Being one of the most beautiful, uplifting and unique video games ever created, it was released in 2016 by Giant Squid Studios. Since then, it has guided the players into deep oceans, coral reefs and sunken ruins of ancient civilizations. Its setting and story are decorated with elements of Sumerian mythology and the Cosmic Ocean myth. By offering a soothing exploratory experience, it expels all forms of tension, stress and negativity. The adventure is accompanied by Austin Wintory’s brilliant and calm soundtrack, which allows the player to focus on the new world unfolding in front of him. Abzû is remarkable and it will captivate you entirely. If the idea of ​​exploring the depths of the sea seems attractive to you, you should give it a try!

Available on : PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Sky: Children of Light

This videogame is an astonishing, relaxing and carefully crafted adventure, developed and published by Thatgamecompany. Its trademark is the dream-material landscapes, the floating surroundings and the pleasurable flying experiences. It focuses on spirituality and communication, since it’s always-online and allows players to interact with each other. The main hero is one of the titural children of the light, who needs to be guided into their journey of locating spirits and return them to the stars. Everytime a translucent spirit is found, you get a glimpse into the past and a new communicating expression is learnt. If you’re intrigued to explore magical kingdoms, castles in the sky, swirling clouds and enchanting fields, you have to try this poetic and mature game!

Fun fact: Sky: Children of Light offers a different finale to the ones who will focus on exploration and communication!

Available on: iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch (from June, 2020)

Never Alone

Never Alone, released in 2014, is an extremely special and atmospheric video game. Being an adventure/ puzzle platformer, developed by Upper One Games in collaboration with the Cook Inlet Tribal Council, it’s based on the traditional Iñupiaq tale, named "Kunuuksaayuka". It unfolds the story of Nuna, a little native girl, who is accompanied by her arctic fox, while searching for the source of a blizzard that threatens her village. The game, which consists of eight chapters, offers the ability to control both Nuna and the fox. These two characters have different skills and the player has to choose the proper one, in order to solve each puzzle and pass through environmental mazes. The script not only narrates some traditional folklore of the Iñupiaq natives, but it also works as a warning for climate change and points out the importance of balance and staying-together. With simple and convenient controls, ethereal and frosted locations, it tells a lot about a whole other culture. Plus, it’s so damn pretty -give it a try, you will revisit its icy world again and again!


Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Wii U, Linux, macOS, Classic Mac OS