apple invests in gaming and will release a new controller
apple invests in gaming and will release a new controller

Apple is preparing its own gaming controller for the end of 2020

In the past, in order to connect a gaming controller to an iPhone or iPad, one had to search for MFi accessories, devices that have been certified by Apple to be compatible with iOS. However, the advent of iOS 13 even made the PS4 controller able to connect to iOS devices. With interest in gaming growing steadily, Apple seems to have decided to create its own gaming controller.

A leaker with the username "L0vetodream" revealed that Apple will have the new controller ready by the end of 2020 or early 2021. The same user has previously made the right predictions long before leakers with larger and more reliable accounts confirm it, predictions such as development of AirPods X, details for the iPhone SE 2020 before it is announced and more.

An Apple controller makes sense, since one of the changes Apple made to the new 4K Apple TV was greater compatibility with games, but the Apple TV remote control wasn't the best. In addition, the advent of the Apple Arcade gives Apple a plethora of quality games that could justify the existence of a separate controller.

Last but not least, lets not forget about the only gaming console Apple has ever made in collaboration with Bandai

Apple & Bandai Pippin

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