from left to right bayonetta god of war 3 devil may cry 5 vanquish ninja gaiden 2
from left to right bayonetta god of war 3 devil may cry 5 vanquish ninja gaiden 2

5 Action Games Worth Trying

"3,2,1 ...ACTION!"

The action genre is extremely popular in the gaming universe. It tends to coexist with a variety of other genres, such as adventure or fantasy, and is addressed to -literally- everyone. Powerful and challenging opponents, clever mechanics, and beautiful graphics are some of the key elements that can turn an action videogame into a legend. Most of the importance is attached to the battles and the player is confronted with plenty of bone-crushing, gun-shootings, and blow-em-ups. 

So, the following article lists some of the best action games which contain all of the above features. Let’s cut to the chase!

5) Vanquish

Vanquish is an action shooter video game, released in 2010 by PlatinumGames Inc. It quickly became a huge success and was praised for its fast and continuous action, as well as for the many innovations it brought to the shooting genre. It will mesmerize you and, despite its corny dialogues, it will offer you a completed action experience. It's worth noting that the script is not something remarkable and all the emphasis is on the battle, the shooting, and the impossible-to-beat final bosses. The controls are enjoyable, the artwork satisfactory and the humor that is scattered at times helps to make Vanquish even more marvelous. Without a doubt, it’s a one-of-a-kind video game and you should give it a try it if you are looking for something intense and action-based!

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PS3, Xbox 360.

4) Bayonetta

Bayonetta can be considered the top of its kind, as it has all the quality features required for an AWSOME action game. The production team did a great job and released an elegant, challenging, and intense hack-and-slash title. The heroine's offensive and defensive skills have the magic formula of balance and the player feels more than satisfied when he manages to achieve the right combos. Plus, Bayonetta needs to get a citation for its wonderful soundtrack, its fluid movement, and its convenient controls, which contribute to turning this game into the experience of a lifetime. Last but not least, I can't help but mention the astonishing, original character designs, the sensual voice acting, and THE crush of our teenage years: Bayonetta herself. So, in conclusion, whether you are a fan of action games or not, it is worth giving a chance to this amazing game of PlatinumGames Inc, which released its first title in 2009 and it has not stopped evolving since then.

Available on: PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Microsoft Windows.

3) God of War III

God of War is a legendary video game series created by Santa Monica Studios. The player gets to control Kratos, a Spartan warrior who serves the Gods of Olympus. The script is influenced by Greek mythology and contains some of the most epic battles in the history of gaming. Although all the titles in the series are remarkable, the greatest interest is in God of War III -which is my personal favorite, and God of War 2018. Bringing a revolution to its genre and influencing many subsequent titles, this game contains an extremely interesting script, some quite innovative fighting techniques, unstoppable action, well-crafted characters, and out-of-this-world artwork. It has a third-person perspective and it often requires a strategic way of thinking. Undoubtedly, the God of War is a masterpiece that justifies its reputation in every way. I highly recommend it!

Available on: PS2, PS3, PS4.

2) Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is the refinement of the original idea of ​​the Devil May Cry series. Produced by Capcom and based on the original creation of Hideki Kamiya -who later left the company and founded PlatinumGames Inc, it managed to win the hearts of the audience and inspire plenty of comics, anime, and action figures. In this epic game, the action never stops, while the third-person-perspective that is used helps the player to live out a complete experience. Devil May Cry 5 is praised for its convenient controls, which lead to the awesome gameplay. 

It is a landmark game -in terms of the action genre, and it offers freedom in the combat part. It also provides the ability for unlockable difficulties, which test the skills and endurance of the player and push him to his limits. Give it a try!

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.

1) Ninja Gaiden 2

Ah... Ninja Gaiden is my personal favorite on this list. Why's that though? Well, first of all, Ninjas -if you're a fellow Otaku you know what I'm talking about. Allow me to elaborate more though, and do some justice to this game's legacy. Ninja Gaiden was released in 2004 by Tecmo and is a creation of Team Ninja. Influenced by the 90s series of Japanese games of the same name and taking place in the universe of Dead or Alive (yes, the famous fighting game), it invites the player to take on the role of Ryu Hayabusa, a ninja, who tries to recover a stolen sword and take revenge for the slaughter of his people. This video game has depth, intensity, and plenty of gore. It has every reason to be considered one of the most classic action games of all time and, in contrast to the majority of the games of its genre, it doesn't stay on the surface of things. Instead, it digs deeper, conveying inspiring messages. But, you should know that is not addressed to the faint-hearted or the ones with a weak stomach. Famous for its high level of difficulty and its demanding controls, it guarantees to keep you hooked on your screen for weeks. In conclusion, if you haven't played this masterpiece already, today is a good day to do so!

Available on: Xbox 360.