videogames female character
videogames female character

The First Playable Female Character

Nowadays, female characters have a strong presence in video games. Jill Valentine, Kate Walker, Bayonetta and April Ryan are some of these fearless, digital ladies. However, things weren’t always like this and it took quite some time, in order for playable female characters to become mainstream.

Everything started of with Chun-Li from Street Fighter II. She became so popular, that paved the way for the creation of many more strong female characters. The era of Princess Peach and other non playable-prize-females was over, while prodigious Lara Croft was ready to make the first appearance. 

Although, in order to be punctual, I can’t help but mention that the first ever playable female character is Billie Sue, from the Atari 2600 game named Wabbit, which was released in 1982. 

Since then, and due to the fact that the number of women who play video games is increasing, female protagonists go on growing and spreading. Cheers to that!