iron man flying in the sky while using his powers
iron man flying in the sky while using his powers

You Can Try Iron Man VR for Free

Sony and Camouflaj are giving its fans the chance to take on the role of a favorite Avengers hero, with the Iron Man VR. The title is scheduled to be released in early July, but the team wants to give players the opportunity to try it out. So, a free demo was announced on the PlayStation Store, which mentions that it offers an extensive look at what the full game will include, from tutorials to interactive cinematics, gameplay missions and more. As a gift, those who will download it, will receive the "Molten Lava Armor Deco", an extra outfit for the superhero.

Along with the demo, Sony and Camouflaj have also announced a new PS VR package that is ideal for those looking to buy both Sony's virtual reality device and the new Iron Man VR. Priced at $ 349.99, the package includes a PS VR headset, two PS Move controls, a PS camera and the game itself.

Watch the announcement trailer for the demo of Iron Man VR.

Written 208 Weeks Ago

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