The Last of Us Part Two Got a New Releasing Date. Meanwhile, The Ghost of Tsushima Will be Postponed

"Meanwhile, The Ghost of Tsushima Will be Postponed"

Earlier this month we were informed that The Last of Us Part Two, the highly anticipated video game by Naughty Dog, will be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. So, this postponement made every fan worldwide wonder about which will be its releasing date. But, the wait is finally over since it became known, through the official PlayStation blog, that the game will be released on June 19, 2020.

 So, yeah, these are the good news. Let’s move on to the bad ones though, which revolve around The Ghost of Tsushima. In order to play Sucker Punch’s game, you’ll have to wait until July 17th, since it will be postponed too.

 Thus, be patient and in a few more months you will be able to enjoy them both!


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