sable on her hoverbike
sable on her hoverbike

Sable's New Narrated Gameplay Trailer

In gamescom 2020, Raw Fury and Shedworks have released a new narrative trailer about Sable. Sable is an open world exploration game, which looks like a dazzling painting. The player controls Sable, a young girl, who is looking for a suitable ritual mask in order to return to her tribe. She travels with her hoverbike at her own pace and she comes across abandoned spaceships and wandering nomads. The battles are absent and the title emphasizes on simple puzzle solving and discovery, while crossing an ocean of dunes, ruins and hidden secrets. But, don’t start cheering before you find out about the game’s soundtrack. Well, its music, full of emotional and touching melodies, is composed by the award-winning Japanese Breakfast. 

Ok, now you can start cheering! 

Sable is expected to be released in 2021 for Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC via Steam. Watch the trailer in the player that follows.

Written 194 Weeks Ago