riot games valorant cover
riot games valorant cover

Riot Games Valorant broke the Twitch viewership record (VIDEO)

The viewers of Twitch seem to be particularly interested in the upcoming tactical hero shooter of Riot Games, Valorant, since the title managed to break the spectacular record of simultaneously connected daily users.

In particular, according to Twitch, Valorant broke the "single-day hours watched record in a single game category", gathering 34 million hours of viewing, even reaching the 1.7 million simultaneously connected viewers. This spectacular number reaches the total number of viewers of the League of Legends World Championships and the Fortnite "The End" event together.

The paradox is that the game has not yet been released. It was just that the beta was shared with popular content creators a bit earlier with the ability (for promotional purposes) to be given to specific streams and some keys as a gift to viewers.

Valorant is expected to be released next summer for PC.