Resident Evil Village lady dumitrescu
Resident Evil Village lady dumitrescu

Resident Evil Village is Ready to Take the Industry by Storm

"Lady Dimitrescu in the spotlight"

True to its appointment, Capcom, through the Resident Evil Showcase event, has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming game Resident Evil Village. This trailer reveals plenty of the characters we will meet on our journey and make Ethan Winter’s life way more difficult and creepy.


Resident Evil Village is just around the Corner

Made with the refreshed RE Engine, the eighth title of the series takes place in a deserted village near a castle that has a strong aroma of Resident Evil 4. In the first shots that have been published, the gameplay is quite enriched in relation to RE: VII, since in addition to the first-person-perspective, Ethan will have more options on how to approach a battle. Plus, the inventory is quite altered and is reminiscent of the RE4 suitcase.

Ethan will be able to upgrade his weapons or buy new ones by visiting The Duke, who offers something similar to the iconic RE4 merchant.


Resident Evil Village: Digital Deluxe Edition & Launch Day

Capcom also unveiled the Digital Deluxe Edition for all platforms, as well as the Collector’s Edition which is only available for consoles and launches with a Chris Redfield figure, artbook, steel book, and other goodies. There will also be a bundle with Resident Evil Village, as well as Resident Evil VII for those who had not dealt with the seventh title in the series. However, those who pre-order Resident Evil Village from the PS Store, will also receive the official soundtrack of the title for free.

Resident Evil Village will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC on May 7, 2021.

Lady Dimitrescu

 Except for all the things mentioned above, we also learned a few things about the three ladies of the castle, where the eighth chapter of the series takes place. In fact, these wicked witches were quickly loved by the public, and especially the "Tall Lady" who goes by the name Lady Dimitrescu. So, through Resident Evil's Twitter, new information was revealed about the central villain of the game, such as her height, since there was this question from the first moment we saw her. 


The Tall Lady

The art director of the Village, Tomonori Takano, through an official statement, announced that the tall lady with the huge emblematic hat and heels reaches ...2.9 meters. Yes, you read that right! By clicking HERE you can find the relevant Capcom post that thanked the audience for the love they already show for the character.

Lady Dimitrescu, along with the other witches, is going to make Ethan's life very difficult, especially when he approaches their Castle and yes, one more question has been answered. The three ladies are Vampires.

Written 181 Weeks Ago