playstation 5 unofficially leaked photo
playstation 5 unofficially leaked photo

PS5: Features and dates confirmed by Sony PlayStation's Yasuhiro Osaki

Brand new information on the PS5 came to the light and it got us by surprise. Specifically, according to the PlayStation Blog, SIEE President Jim Ryan revealed a few new details about the legendary PS4 successor.

First time it was officially confirmed, statement wanted the next-gen Sony console to be called the PlayStation 5. Although the name is not a big surprise, it is gratifying that it has been officially confirmed. At the same time, Sony has revealed the console release period. So, officially, the PlayStation 5 is launching in celebration of 2020. That means that the console will arrive in the final months of next year.

The revelations do not stop here. Sony has made it known that one of its goals with the next generation is to deepen the sense of immersion when playing your favorite games. This has given its designers the opportunity to re-imagine the console controller, which will include two key innovations.

Initially, the PlayStation 5 controller will replace the standard vibration mode we see on the controls from the fifth generation of consoles. It will be replaced by a tactile feedback system that will allow you to feel a wider range of feedback. For example, the feeling of hitting a wall in a racing game will be completely different than feeling when you tackle a football game. On the other hand you will be able to feel the difference when you are running on the grass or when your character is walking in the mud.

Continuing, Sony calls the second innovation "adaptive triggers". In more detail, the L2 and R2 of the controller will have programmable resistance, which each creator can bring to the game. This will result in the acceleration of a car or the stretching of a bow being completely different.

This new version of the console is already in the hands of developers, and Sony has promised to share more as we get closer to its release date.

It should be noted that in addition to the official posting on the PlayStation Blog, once again through WIRED the company has revealed additional elements that give us a clearer picture of the next generation. In more detail, console architect Mark Cerny confirmed something that was not entirely clear from first announcement last April. The PlayStation 5 will support hardware accelerated ray-tracing through its GPU.

Furthermore, the PlayStation 5 supports 100GB of optical media reading. This will give developers more freedom to create larger games, and of course means that the console will be able to read 4K Blu-ray discs. We're still learning that game installations will be mandatory just like on the PS4, only this time Sony will give more freedom, as the games can be splitted up. For example, someone who is not interested in the multiplayer mode (or vice versa) will not have to wait for installation or litter.

Cerny also points out that Sony has redesigned the console menu. This time the UI will not be that simple and the player will be able to see the content of the game before opening it. For example, it will be able to view the multiplayer matches of a title in real time directly from the console menu.

Finally, through the WIRED release we learn that the controller will have USB-C for charging and that Bluepoint Games, the developer of the Shadow of the Colossus remake, is working on "something great" for the PlayStation 5.

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