sony playstation 5 vs microsoft xbox series x
sony playstation 5 vs microsoft xbox series x

PS5 and Xbox Series X: The startup sounds have been revealed

For those who are curious about how the next generation of consoles will sound when they boot, we seem to know the answer.

PS5 Boot Screen

During the PS5's Reveal Event, many speculated that at some point the console sounded when it was turned on. It was a pretty short clip but the fans managed to catch the sound and post it on Twitter last week.

XBox Series X Boot Screen

Xbox's Twitter account revealed the sound of the new console. The sound lasts for 15 seconds and is a bit like Spyro. Microsoft has even commented that it sounds like a choir of angels, who like gaming, singing in your ears.

Which one is your favourite?

Written 204 Weeks Ago
by Manix