amnesia rebirth frictional games
amnesia rebirth frictional games

Observational fans found a hidden teaser for the next Amnesia creators game (Video)

The company that brought us games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA is preparing something new with persistent fans finding the hidden teaser.

Frictional Games has forced players to look for hours for details of its latest hidden videos, but only one gives us some clues. It appears and disappears into the darkness and seems to say

Don't lose it. No, no, come on. We need to find him. He must understand. I am Tasi. I'm still Tasi.

The desert scene may not last more than 3 seconds but gives us some clues. There is a sandstorm and something like a cave from which a light comes out. as the surface of the earth(?!) is not very ... friendly?

As for Tasi's talk, we have no idea who he is or who she is looking for, but to avoid recognising him, something has probably gone wrong. In the last month the company has uploaded two videos, "Box 52, Tape 16" and "Box 7 Reel 2, Partial Success". The second was discovered by the /r/gamedetectives subreddit.

The creators of Amnesia are preparing us for a new game from the very first days of 2020, and a few days later the "Treasure Hunt" (ARG) has begun so fans can find out more about the upcoming title.