resident evil 8 rumours resident evil 7 biohazard cover
resident evil 8 rumours resident evil 7 biohazard cover

New rumours about Resident Evil 8 add fuel to the fire

According to information released in the last few hours on the internet, Resident Evil 8 will soon be revealed - logically this will happen next month - and its launch will take place in 2021. The latest comes from Twitter user AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem, who is considered a reliable source and in a related post states that the initial thoughts were for the development of Resident Evil Revelations 3.

According to the same source, the game will retain the first-person perspective and will have changes regarding the story and the enemies, something that hardcore fans may find unappealing. Illusions, mysticism, paranoia and lack of trust in others will be the main themes of the game. In addition, it will not only be supported by PC, but it will also be released for current and next generation consoles.

As we're all waiting for an official announcement, let's treat that info as a rumour, nothing more, nothing less.