xbox series x backwards compatibility
xbox series x backwards compatibility

Microsoft clears the field about Series X's backwards compatibility

Microsoft has decided to share with us more details on the compatibility of the Xbox Series X with previous generation's games.

In a tweet to its official account, the company said that the new console will be able to play thousands of games from its first release day.

Breaking down the specs

Later, however, the Tweet was corrected with the company reporting the following: "Correction, we've spent over 100,000 hours checking your favourite Xbox One games, including older console titles, in Series X to date. We are still working on it, we can confirm that thousands of games will be available from day one. "

Microsoft has relied heavily on backwards compatibility, emphasising that it is a dominant domain in relation to Sony.

The company however seems to be trying to fill the gap in areas that not only excel but lose by state. One of them is exclusives, with Phil Spencer promising that the Series X will have the exclusives that the Xbox One never had.

Sony in turn gave more details on the backwards compatibility of the PS5. They announced on that it will play the 100 most playable games on the PS4 from day one. So today the company has made it clear that almost all PS4 titles will be available on the PS5, with Sony itself declaring that it is working with developers to achieve the desired result.

What is certain, however, is that the battle for the next-generation consoles has begun to take over. Who do you say will be the ultimate winner?