marvel future revolution
marvel future revolution

Marvel unveils a new Open World Mobile game

Marvel and Netmarble have announced Marvel: Future Revolution, an open-world mobile RPG.

The revelation was made at Pax East as the game comes from the developers of Marvel: Future Fight. In Future Revolution, the heroes will be the future of the Omega Flight team and will have to work together to protect the universe.

The confirmed playable characters are Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, and the game will have several well-known locations, including Xanderth and Sakaar.

Many familiar costumes will also make their appearance through a well-designed customization system. The story is curated by Marc Sumerak, author of Marvel Comics, who has also worked on the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

The teaser does not provide more information about the gameplay, but will probably follow an action-RPG approach with a third-person perspective.

Written 220 Weeks Ago
by Manix