final fantasy vii 7 remake digital early release
final fantasy vii 7 remake digital early release

Make room - Final Fantasy VII Remake will "empty" your PS4 (TRAILER)

As we informed you a few days ago, various shopkeepers stopped the embargo of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, with the result that several consumers have the game in their hands much earlier than its release date. It didn't take long and the first photos of the retail copy started appearing on the internet, bringing us some extremely important information.

The re-created Cloud Adventure, according to Square Enix itself, will keep players busy for several hours, with a huge variety of major and minor missions. If nothing else, the technical sector then, as we saw in the demo, managed to impress everyone with its wonderful graphics. As we learn, the physical version will have two Blu-ray discs and the installation size will be close to… 100GB. Yes, you read that right. The remake asks your drive for a huge percentage of free space either to install from the retail version or in digital format where the user will need to download a really huge file.

For comparison with other similar single-player games, Kingdom Hearts III required 40GB of free space, while Persona 5 required 30GB. It seems that Square Enix has exceeded the limits and will bring us a really gigantic game both in terms of technology and in terms of duration. The Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released on April 10 only on PlayStation 4 as a time exclusive.

Watch the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer below:


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