the outer worlds game
the outer worlds game

Beachum, Outer Wilds' writer, Has Joined Outer Worlds' Team

There is Outer Wilds, the beloved Indie videogame by Mobius Digital. 

There is also the award-winning RPG video game of Obsidian, named The Outer Worlds. You all see the confusion here, right?

Well, if the similarities -when it comes to their titles- aren’t already confusing enough, allow me to inform you that Outer Wilds' writer, has now joined Outer Worlds' team.

So, Obsidian Entertainment of Xbox Game Studios, added the talented Beachum to its team. Of course, Beachum didn't miss the opportunity to make a hilarious tweet full of puns.

Guess what, fellow humans, Obsidian HIRED MY DANG FACE

It is my first week and I am SO EXCITED

(Also don’t worry, I am working on a clearer mnemonic. Possibly: “Obsidian’s the studio I wOrk for, and they made The Outer WOrlds”?)