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Huge Leak Reveals Nintendo Prototypes

A gigaleak to remember!

Α huge leak that took place on Twitter reveals images of old Nintendo classic titles. The leak appears to be related to the emergence of the company's old data made earlier in 2020, which was compiled by this source code leak and were released via YouTube and Twitter. So, numerous of Nintendo prototypes are currently revealed! 

This gigaleak includes titles like Super Mario Kart, Yoshi's Island and many more. Thus, let’s go straight to business! 

  • Here is Yoshi's Island proto with different UI graphics, placeholder music from Mario World, and a prefix of 'Super Mario Bros. 5'

  • Up next, Here you can see a lightly broken Super Mario Kart build with no drifting (?) and unused tracks, including a unique title theme.

  • Below you can see a photo of Dylan Cuthbert's source code for Starfox 2 as well as some character's designs.


  • Here is an interesting Super Mario mini game

  • Below you can admire a leaked photo of Mario in a... boot.

  • This is an actual unused character graphic asset of Luigi giving the player the middle finger that found within the source files for Super Mario World dated 1989

  • Here's some screenshots of Bowser from SMW.

  • Last but not least, there is also a build called "Super Donkey" that includes a character that looks a bit like Stanley the Bugman from Donkey Kong 3.