discord noise suppression feature cover
discord noise suppression feature cover

Discord has acquired a new noise suppression feature

Discord's voice chat is getting better, with the popular platform testing a new noise suppression feature.

Forget the annoying sounds, as the feature created by Krisp.ai can detect and "remove" sounds from the background. According to the official announcement, this is a move that will help all those who work, study or communicate from home in the middle of a difficult period.

It's hard to control the sounds around you. As people choose to work, study and stay home with Discord, we would like to help all those who are stuck in a non-ideal situation. We've released a new noise suppression feature in early beta, in collaboration with Krisp

...the announcement continues,

This new technology detects and removes sounds from the environment around you so that your voice can be heard clearly. Turn on the vacuum cleaner, knock on a door, open a pack of potato chips, use the noisy keyboard that your friends are complaining about. They won't be able to hear you.

The noise suppression was released on Friday and is available to all Discord users on desktop. This is not the first time that Discord has made our communication easier during the pandemic, as a few weeks ago it raised the viewers' limit from 10 to 50, in Go Live streaming and in private screen sharing sessions.