Why Some NES Games Are So Unbelievably Hard

Many NES games, such as Battletoads, require pro gaming skills, since they’re so damn hard and really test the limits of patience. Although, there is a good reason behind all this. 

A long time ago, in order for someone to acquire a NES videogame cartridge, he needed to pay 40$-60$. But, some skilled gamers, rented them from videostores for around 5$, and played them through in just a few days. So, no profit for Nintendo, who was losing money in the rental market like crazy.

 That’s when Nintendo decided to go into rage mode, creating almost-unbeatable games, in order to force the players into buying them. The villains and the bosses became way more difficult, the levels became much longer and the settings more complex, making NES games forbidden for the... green ones.

 Well played Nintendo, I still haven’t finished Battletoads.