nintendo switch animal crossing new horizons flaming
nintendo switch animal crossing new horizons flaming

Is Animal Crossing a Cure for Insomnia?

"It's Only Good When it's not Around"

Introduction is considered unnecessary when it comes to Animal Crossing, Nintendo’s latest hit. This record-breaking game, which released its fifth title on March 20, 2020 named Animal Crossing: New Horizons, keeps on driving people crazy worldwide.

Animal Crossing: The Cons

But, what is this hype all about? Well, it’s about a simulation video game, in which the player gets to control a customizable animal-like character who moves to a deserted island. He gets to fully control its life, by building tools and furniture or interacting with other characters. Basically, it looks like an ultra kawaii combo of Sims, Stardew Valley and Minecraft. Don’t flame me please, but no matter how much I’ve tried, I still have a hard time when it comes to loving Animal Crossing. Allow me to elaborate!

It requires TONES of patience

Leaving aside the obvious (to some people) pros, I’ll move straight to the cons. So, first of all, ‘’the real-world clock and progresses in real time’’ is fine at first, but -for the love of God, it can drive you crazy. If patience isn’t your strongest point, you will get furious by its slow pace. It takes COUNTLESS of hours, or even months, in order to find out whether the goals are achieved. So, if you have a life *cries in gamer language*, chances are that Animal Crossing will tear it apart. But, no worries, you might die out of boredom before this happens!

 The villagers are ungrateful

This game seems endless -and it really is, but its dull characters contribute in making the situation even worse. Repeated dialogs? Check. Same personalities? Double Check. Such poor eyesight that they can’t even notice your pretty furniture and prefer to sit on the ground? Triple (and furious) Check. Way to long loading times? Quadra Check. Even my precious Sims 2, which was full of Mods -aw, what an era, didn't have so many loadings. Plus, allow me to mention that the Sims used to appreciate the pools and the benches... I worked hard to buy them, but No... *insert angry typing here* They’re not worthy enough for the villagers! 

A cure for insomnia

Gibberish mumbling, repeated actions and refilling holes: that could be a proper summary of Animal Crossing. Yes, I know that once in a while this game can be somewhat fun -especially when you’re visiting your friend’s islands, but those few minutes aren't worth all the work you’ve put through. Because, no matter how many tents you’ll build for your neighbors, no matter how many gifts you’ll offer them, all you’ll ever see of them is lifeless wandering. Whatever you do, whatever you say, nothing is rewarding enough in this mild game. Except for one thing: it can cure your insomnia!

Putting the subject in a nutshell

I can find zero reasons when it comes to this monotonous game’s success. I mean, are you into collecting fruits? Go play Stardew Valley. Are you a fan of constructions? Well, Minecraft is the place for you. Do you enjoy customizing your characters and creating fancy rooms or locations? The Sims! I’m not saying that this game is total garbage -which it is, I’m just saying that for such an amount of money and for all this hype, I surely waited WAY more.

Written 198 Weeks Ago