earthworm jim wallpaper cover
earthworm jim wallpaper cover

Earthworm Jim: Trolling at its Finest

Are you familiar with Earthworm Jim?
Well, too bad. Allow me to explain why.

 The first video game of the series, developed by Shiny Entertainment, was released in distant 1994 and it’s a quirky side-scrolling platform game, famous for its surreal humor and its genius, spirited satire. 

 Its story revolves around Jim, an earthworm in a robotic suit, who battles evil. Even though Earthworm Jim’s plot seems ordinary, the truth is nowhere close. The reason behind its uniqueness, is due  to the fact that its father, David Perry, and the rest of the team, used to work only on licensed games, following a strict policy. Sooner or later, they got irritated by all these rules, and decided to start their own franchise -that’s when this fascinating video game was born. 


Dedicated to troll the market, the creators came up with countless of inspiring ideas, such as Princess-What’s-Her-Name, Queen Slug-for-a-Butt and Psy-Crow. But this game isn’t only about sarcasm. It has a willingness to experiment, fluid animation, interesting characters, it conveys plenty of interesting messages and it is extremely amusing.

If you haven’t played it already, today is a good day to do so.