VTech V.Smile Pocket

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Release Date: 31/12/2006
Discontinued Date: -
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Display Palette: -
Supported Game Media:

V.Smile Pocket is an educational handheld console released by VTech in 2007 as the handheld version of V.Smile home console. It came in three versions.

  • The first version released in 2007 features a passive matrix-based LCD screen and monaural speaker. Except that, the console is similar to V.Smile. However, there is no port for a second joystick, so some games can't be played in two players game mode. Also some accessories are not compatible for the same reason.

  • The second version released in 2007 has added a microphon, relocated the speaker from the lower right to the upper left and it seems slimmer in the bottom part. However, V.Smile Pocket is already far bigger in dimensions than Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS since it uses Smartridges as cartridges, which are quite large.

  • The third version released in 2008 under the name V.Smile Cyber Pocket with an extra port, where a USB like "V-Link" add-on can be added. This device makes possible the transfer of data of some games from the console to a PC. This data can be uploaded then to a website where the users can see their progress and unlock bonus games from the website.