Neo Geo CD Gaming Console CD Media Game Medium

Manufacturer: SNK
Predecessor: Neo Geo
Successor: -
Release Date: 8/9/1994
Discontinued Date: 31/12/1996
Additional Sizes: -
Display Palette: 65,536 Colors
Initial Price: NA: US$399 | EU: GB£399
Supported Game Media:

SNK Corporation, a Japanese video game hardware and software company, released the Neo Geo CD in 1994. A CD-based console, it was an upgrade of the Neo Geo AES (Advanced Entertainment System) that was released in 1990. It was a CD-based console designed to be more affordable than its predecessor.

Neo Geo CD Technical Aspects

For its time, it was an impressive console in terms of its technical capabilities. It boasted an Intel 68000 processor running at 12 MHz and a 16-bit Motorola 68000 CPU running at 10 MHz, making it one of the most powerful consoles of its time and its dual processors allowed for fast and smooth gameplay, as well as efficient memory management.

In comparison with its competitors like the PlayStation and Sega Saturn, the system had 7 MB of RAM, which was more than enough for the games of the time.

This console had a video output resolution of 320x224 pixels and was capable of displaying 4096 colors on the screen at the same time. Its video resolution and color depth were not as high as some of its competitors, but it allowed for high-quality graphics and smooth animation for its time. However, the console was criticized for its (very) long loading times.


The console had an impressive library of games, with 156 titles released during its lifetime. "Samurai Shodown", "Fatal Fury Special", and "The King of Fighters '94" are some of the most popular games on the console. The console was well-known for its arcade ports and fighting games.

There were also some unique and quirky games, such as the beloved "Puzzle Bobble", a puzzle game in which you have to shoot bubbles at a cluster to clear the screen, and "Neo Turf Masters", a golf game with realistic graphics and gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Gamer's love for this console was a result of its technical prowess as well as its impressive games library, regardless of its limitations revolving around game media and loooong loading times.