SNK Neo Geo

Predecessor: -
Successor: Neo Geo CD
Release Date: 25/4/1990
Discontinued Date: 31/12/1996
Additional Sizes: -
Display Palette: 65,536 Colors
Initial Price: US$649.99
Supported Game Media:

Neo Geo AES was basically an original version of the popular MVS arcade board and was released in 1990 by Shin Nihon Kikaku Corp (SNK).

For the measures of the early 90's, his composition is very strong and -especially- the size of his games is very large. Although it was advertised as a 24-bit system, in practice it was 16-bit, as it was based on Motorola's 68000 processor. A second, 8-bit Zilog Z80, played the role of co-processor, mainly in charge of the sound section.

In terms of graphics, both the number and size of the sprites were impressive. However, the color rendering is also of a high standard, with the system being able to display up to 4,096 colors from its 16-pin palette. With 15 audio channels (4 FM voice compositions), Yamaha's YM2610 chip contributed to Neo Geo's high capabilities. Even more impressive, however, was the size of the ROM cartridges that housed the games. With 330 Mbits, Neo Geo cartridges had up to 20 times the capacity compared to the competition (16 Nits Mbits).