Nintendo Game Boy Micro

Nickname: iQue Game Boy Micro
Predecessor: Game Boy Advance SP
Successor: Nintendo DS
Release Date: 12/9/2005
Discontinued Date: 11/7/2008
Additional Sizes: -
Display Palette: 32.768 Colors
Initial Price: US$99
Supported Game Media:

Game Boy Micro is the last handheld console of the Game Boy Family released in 2005 by Nintendo. However, it's the only console in the family that doesn't have backwards compatibility with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. However, games from Game Boy Advance are compatible. Is the smallest and lightest console of the family. Essentially, Nintendo tried to make a Game Boy as small as possible!

Game Boy Micro was specifically praised for the high quality backlit, contrast adjusting LCD screen and the faceplates that became available as special designs for customization. Developed under the code name "Oxy", Game Boy Micro is the last console of a most beloved console Family.

It can be found with different variations, colors and faceplates.