Nintendo Color TV-Game 15

Predecessor: Color TV-Game 6
Release Date: 7/6/1977
Discontinued Date: -
Additional Sizes: -
Display Palette: -
Initial Price: JP¥15,000
Supported Game Media:

Color TV-Game 15 is the second console of the Color TV-Game series that succeeded Color TV-Game 6 and released by Nintendo. It was released only one week after Color TV-Game 6 and can be considered another version of it. The initial price was higher about 50%, at ¥15,000. The console featured detachable controllers, unlike Color TV-Game 6 and had 15 games, however only six were playable out of the box.

The most common Color TV-Game 15 version isn't the original orange one but the second version of it, that had reddish-orange casing and longer production run. There is also one more white-colored version released by Sharp by the name Color TV-Game XG-115.

Nintendo sold around 1 million units of Color TV-Game 15.