super nes playstation
super nes playstation

The Super NES Playstation

The Super NES Playstation is an unreleased prototype video game console that was an add-on for the Super Nintendo. Nintendo wanted to make videogame console based on CDs and Cartridges. In 1990s CD-ROM hardware was getting very popular. The video game companies were considering CDs to become the future of video games swiftly. CD's could hold much more memory than a game cartridge could hold. So game developers could use this massive storage for anything they could imagine. For instance, they could use this memory for long videos or HD soundtracks.  The expensive game cartridge might hold 2 MB of memory, while CD-ROM could hold about 600 MB of memory.

A young engineer from Sony Ken Kutaragi created the sound chip for the Super NES. Possibly Sony's board of directors did not know about this project, but the project was a success. After this successful project, in 1988, Kutaragi came with the idea of creating Super Nintendo that had a built-in CD-ROM. He convinced Nintendo and Nintendo agreed to put a CD-ROM drive into its gaming console. However, most of the superiors of Kutaragi were not interested in the video game business, and they did not approve of this project. Mr. Norio Ohga, who was the president and CEO of Sony, took an interest in the project and allowed it to continue.

In 1988 Nintendo signed a contract with Sony. According to this agreement, Nintendo was giving up vast amount of rights of software licensing to Sony. Nintendo realized they would only get money from hardware sales, not from game sales. To counter this, the Nintendo president made an offer to Philips. Philips immediately accepted the offer. In June 1991, at Consumer Electronics Show, Sony announced its partnership with Nintendo and said they were developing an add-on for the Super NES. However, on the next day, Nintendo betrayed Sony and exposed its collaboration with Philips and said Phillips was developing an add-on for the Super NES. After this announcement, Sony decided to launch its own gaming console, yes you guessed it, the super successful and beloved, PlayStation.

Written 248 Weeks Ago
by Grito