Takara Video Challenger

Predecessor: -
Successor: -
Release Date: 31/12/1986
Discontinued Date: -
Additional Sizes: -
Display Palette: -
Initial Price: US$99
Supported Game Media:

Video Challenger is a peculiar VHS home console released by Takara in Japan in 1987. Video Challenger's main component is Challenger Blaster, a light gun that have a sound effect when you pull the trigger. The console also included a compact cassete that can be insterted in a video player and is actually the game itself that is appearing on the screen. On the light gun, that has the appearance of a fancy pistol, there is a power button. The power source of the "pistol" is four AA batteries. The score is appearing in the back of the light gun, making easy for the player to keep track of the score. When the player hits something, the score goes up and a light in front of the pistol lights ups.

Video Challenger was distributed in other markets except Japan by other companies like Bandai in Japan and UK, GiG in Brazil and Irwin Toy in Canada. However, the success of Family Computer and PC Engine home consoles led to the discontinuation of the console.

There are 7 games for the Video Challenger, Space Challenge which is the cassette that was offered inside the box and 6 more, Thunder Storm, Road Blaster, Godzilla Challenger 1 and 2, Sky Wars, After Burner II and Turtle Challenge.