Bandai TV Jack Series

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Release Date: 31/12/1976
Discontinued Date: -
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TV Jack Series is a series of home consoles released by Bandai in Japan based on the Pong game.

The models of the TV Jack Series are the following:

  • TV Jack 1000 released in 1977 and had 4 built-in colored games: Hockey, Practice, Racquetball and Tennis. The controllers are essentially two paddles attached on the console.

  • TV Jack 1200 released in 1977 and had the same built-in games. The two paddles attached on the console remained, however, two new detachable paddles/controllers were added. The console supports the maximum of four players to play the games instead of two.

  • TV Jack 1500 released in 1977 and had eight and not 4 built-in games - Hockey, Practice, Racquetball, Tennis, Soccer, Badminton and two more. The console doesn't have paddles attached but instead it has two black detachable joysticks (not paddles this time) with a red fire button each.

  • TV Jack 2500 released in 1977 is a remake of the first console of the series, TV Jack 1000, however each game has five variations and not just one. The size of the console became notably smaller also.

  • TV Jack 3000 released in 1977 is similar to TV Jack 1200 in design since it has two attached paddles and two detachable paddles as controllers. The detachable controllers can be conveniently stored on the console. It has 10 built-in games, 2 race and 8 pong games.

  • TV Jack 5000 released in 1978 is the first console of the series that used cartridges instead of built-in games (but not ROM cartridges). It has two joysticks as controllers. It is one of the consoles in the PC-50x family and came in two colored shells: beige or blue.

  • TV Jack 8000 or Super Vision 8000 is the only console of the series considered in the second generation released in 1979. It is the last console of the series and used cartridges also, but ROM cartridges this time. TV Jack 8000 is considered the first console that used ROM cartridges in Japan.