Tiger R-Zone

Manufacturer: Tiger Electronics
Predecessor: -
Successor: -
Release Date: 31/12/1994
Discontinued Date: 31/12/1996
Additional Sizes: -
Display Palette: 1 Color (dark red)
Initial Price: US$29.99
Supported Game Media:

R-Zone - Console's details

R-Zone is a handheld console released by Tiger Electronics in 1995. The extremely odd fact of this console is that the player has to wear a headband in order to play games. The game is projected in a mirrored surface in front of the player's eye. It was the first attempt of Tiger Electronics to enter the handheld console market. Although, the console was quite unsuccessful and discontinued in 1997. It launched with a price of $29.99 and it has many variations.

R-Zone - The controller

The controller is connected through a 0.76m cable with the headset. It also has a d-pad at the left and four action buttons on the right. In the middle there is an on button, a start button, a select button, a sound button, a pause button and an off button. There is also a volume adjuster and a contrast adjuster. The controller gets four AAA batteries and the user must have a screwdriver to open the plastic shell.

R-Zone - Other variants

In 1996, one year later, R-Zone Super Screen was released with the same initial price as the original R-Zone, $29.99. The main difference was that the screen is colored, bigger and there is no need for the player to look in the mirrored surface, meaning that other people can see the screen also. This variant although needs four D batteries as a power source. In 1997 X.P.G. Xtreme Pocket Game was released. This console is completely handheld since it doesn't use a headset. The power source became AAA batteries again. Lastly, in late 1996 R-Zone DataZone was released. It includes a data organizer, uses two AAA batteries and the image is not projecting through a mirror but as a flat display with a backlit.

Tiger R-Zone commercial: