Nintendo Pokémon Mini

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Successor: -
Release Date: 15/11/2001
Discontinued Date: 15/12/2002
Additional Sizes: -
Display Palette: Monochromatic
Supported Game Media:

Pokémon Mini is the smallest handheld console released by Nintendo, weighting only 70 grams, the half weight than the Game Boy Advance released 6 months earlier! Pokémon Mini console is based on Pokémon franchise that in 2001, the year that Pokémon Mini released, was on a peak point. The console were way more popular in Japan. As a result, some games released only in Japan. It came in three different colors: Wooper Blue, Chikorita Green, and Smoochum Purple (see gallery above).

As we stated above, Pokémon Mini is the smallest handheld console produced by Nintendo. Even the cartridges are very small. It has a directional pad, an A and a B button and a 96x64 px monochrome LCD screen at the front, a C button on the side, an input for multiplayer gaming and the cartridge input at the top and gets an AAA battery at the back, which gives up to 60 hours of game play. It also features an internal real-time clock and a reed switch for detecting shakes.

Interesting facts about Pokémon Mini:

  • It was hacked and with reverse engineering homebrew games can be created and played in a PC or other devices.

  • If you open the console without a cartridge the player sees a moving icon indicating the insertion of a cartridge.

  • If you remove a cartridge while you use it, in the console screen you can see a similar icon (unlike Game Boy Advance).

  • It released two days before Nintendo Game Cube.

List of Pokémon Mini Games:

  • Pokémon Party mini

  • Pokémon Pinball mini

  • Pokémon Puzzle Collection

  • Pokémon Zany Cards

  • Pokémon Tetris - Released in Japan and Europe, not in N. America

  • Pokémon Puzzle Collection vol. 2 - Released only in Japan

  • Pokémon Race mini - Released only in Japan

  • Pichu Bros. mini - Released only in Japan

  • Togepi's Great Adventure - Released only in Japan

  • Pokémon Breeder mini - Released only in Japan