Pixter by Fisher-Price Mattel

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Release Date: 31/12/1999
Discontinued Date: 31/12/2006
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Display Palette: -
Supported Game Media:

Pixter is a line of consoles developed by Mattel and Fisher-Price. It's the first console developed by Fisher-Price and the second to last for Mattel. The first units had monochrome LCD screen but later they became colorful. Pixter models can receive game cartridges. The screen is touch screen and can be used with a stylus. It can be found by many colors and uses four AA batteries as a power source.

The models of Pixter are the following:

  • Pixter - The original model from 2000-2002 came by several colors.

  • Pixter Plus - Released in 2002. It's the same console as Pixter, the only difference is an extra ("Plus") subcategory of activities added in the main menu, thus and the name "Plus".

  • Pixter 2.0 - Released in 2003. It uses the same cartridges as the original Pixter but gives also access to digital drawing and quick-paint tools, as well as to a wireless link for sending text and pictures between other Pixter 2.0 consoles.

  • Pixter Color - From 2003-2005, Pixter Color is similar to the original Pixter but the screen became colored. New cartridges were released but there is no backwards compatibility, so cartridges for the original Pixter can't be played in Pixter Color console. However, this is possible with the use of an adapter.

  • Pocket Pixter - From 2004-2006, Pocket Pixters are dedicated consoles with a drawing program centered around a theme and a built-in game. It's the only version that uses three button cell (LR44) batteries instead of four AA batteries as a power source. There are several editions like Pets, Fashion, Sports, Dino, Hearts.

  • Pixter Multi-media system - Released in 2005. It has 100 creative tools, games and activities-built in with extra video capabilities. Also new cartridges were released for the system.