Konami Picno

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Release Date: 30/9/1992
Discontinued Date: -
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Picno is a home console and a tablet simultaneously that was released by Konami in October of 1992 in Japan. Targeting young audience, Konami Picno is essentially a tablet that could be connected with a TV providing a 160 color screen. The initial price of the console was ¥29,800, with only a few games provided at the launch with the promise of more releases. The price of the games was at ¥3,800, while 23 game titles were released in total. Picno didn't manage to take a share in the market so Konami decided to launch Picno 2, which was the same device as Picno with only design differences and lower manufacturing cost. Picno 2 launched for ¥15,800. However, this move didn't turned the tide, while the launch of Sega Pico made an impact in the market. Konami dropped the project at the end of 1993 / start of 1994.

The list of games of Konami Pico is the following:

  • RX101 -Save Card

  • RX102 -Montage

  • RX103 -Fushigi no kuni no Alice

  • RX105 – Picno de A B C

  • RX106 – Anime enikki

  • RX107 – Picno de A I U E O

  • RX108 – Picno de 1 2 3

  • RX109 – Picno Art Puzzle

  • RX110 – Real Montage

  • RX111 – Kīroi Kyōryū-kun Parasa no Obake Taiji

  • RX115 – Dokkin Shinri Game

  • RX117 – Picno de kuku

  • RX118 – Shira Yuki Hime Monogatari

  • RX119 – Nontan to issho anime stamp

  • RX120 – Manfī no fushigina bōken

  • RX122 – Son Gokū no Bōken

  • RX123 – Sen’yō Card Soft

  • RX124 – Picno de Nihon chizu