SNK Neo Geo Pocket

Predecessor: -
Release Date: 27/10/1998
Discontinued Date: 31/12/1998
Additional Sizes: -
Display Palette: 3 Colors (black, white, gray)
Supported Game Media:

Neo Geo Pocket by SNK Corporation is the debut console for SNK and the Neo Geo family of consoles. Released in 28 October, 1998 in Japan and then in Asia and Europe, but never in N. America, Neo Geo Pocket was a direct competitor to the Nintendo Game Boy Color. However, it was quite unsuccessful since Game Boy Color had a huge advantaged except its strong brand name, a colored screen. That's the reason why SNK discontinued the console quite quickly in order to launch Neo Geo Pocket Color in March of 1999.

Only ten games released for Neo Geo Pocket. However, it has forward compatibility with its successor, Neo Geo Pocket Color. Most of the games were re-released in colored versions in order to have better quality in Neo Geo Pocket Color. The most famous games of the console are Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters R-1. The others eight are Baseball Stars, Melon-chan's Growth Diary (no EU release), Neo Cherry Master (no EU release), Neo Geo Cup 98 (no EU release), Neo Geo Cup 98 Plus (no JP release), Pocket Tennis, Puzzle Link (no EU release), Syougi no Tatsujin - Master of Syougi (no EU release).