GamePad Digital (GPD) GPD Win 2

Predecessor: GPD Win
Successor: -
Release Date: 30/4/2018
Discontinued Date: -
Additional Sizes: -
Display Palette: -
Initial Price: US$330
Supported Game Media:

GPD Win 2 is a handheld windows based console release in May of 2018 by GamePad Digital. It is the successor of GPD Win and was crowdfunded also like its predecessor. The funding started in January 15, 2018. The initial goal was $100,000 but eventually the fund reached the $1.8 million in 5 days with 2,200 pre-orders. The final amount gathered was $2,700,000. At first the customers that pre-ordered the machine would have a discount of $80, but eventually the price was the same as the retail price: $330. The machine started to be shipped to the customers that pre-ordered in May of 2018.

GPD Win uses like its predecessor the Windows 10 Home OS, however the operating system can be changed (with a Linux based OS for example). Except the gaming buttons it features a QWERTY keyboard with 80 keys. The performance of the device is considered much improved that its predecessor, GPD Win.