GCW Zero

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Release Date: 30/7/2013
Discontinued Date: -
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GCW Zero is a Linux-based open source handheld console released by a start up, Game Consoles Worldwide. The console funded by a crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter on 29 January 2013. The initial goal was to obtain US$130,000, however the campaign finished gathering $238,499 and the distribution started the same year.

The software of the console is opensource and uploaded in a gitHub repository. The console was designed for homebrew/indie developers and runs a lot of emulators for classic games.

There is a special edition of 150 units that distributed before the crowdfunding. The only difference of these units is that they are using a 32GB internal MicroSD card instead of 16GB. There is also a printed text in the lower part of the console that indicates that this unit is a special edition. However, these units have a defective directional pad that can stuck. The users can solve this problem with putting dielectric grease in the affected friction area. At some point GCW Zero store on Shapeways provided 3D printed replacement buttons.