Timetop GameKing III

Predecessor: GameKing II
Release Date: 31/12/2004
Discontinued Date: -
Additional Sizes: -
Display Palette: 64 Colors
Supported Game Media:

GameKing III is a handheld console released by Timetop in 2005 as a successor to GameKing II. GameKing III (model GM-220) is a unique console of the GameKing line since it has two major differences than the two previous consoles. First of all, it was distributed only in Asia and not worldwide, thus it's more rare. Secondly, it features a colored screen, unlike the two previous consoles.

The box claims the existence of 12 game cartridges. However, there are only 9 known games for GameKing III and they are all known from a picture. There is also a built-in game, Galaxy Crisis. The other games are: Adventure, Urgent Action, Diamond, Panzer, Fly Car, Blaze Plane, 2030, Hermic Battle, Vagrant. The (35) cartridges of the previous two models is supposed to be colorized in GameKing III.

Lastly, there is a redesign of the console (model GM-221) with strong design influence from GameKing II and GameKing III. The box claims the existence of many colors, however the colors that are known until now are the black edition and the white edition.